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Prenups: No longer Just For The Rich

Yes, I’m getting married. But I’m not rich so, no, I don’t need a prenup. This has long been the view of many a dreamy eyed newly engaged couple. The rich have always understood why they needed them. People who are marrying for the second or third time tend to get a prenup (if there are children from the first marriage, the children often insist on it). Those who are not rich and are marrying for the first time have historically not regarded prenups as a priority. But things are changing.

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Making a Will: We Do Not Own Our Children

California, like every other state, has default rules that determine who gets your money, real estate, investments and other assets in the absence of a valid will. As you have not made your views known, the people who benefit from your property may be different to who you would have chosen if you’d made a will.

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